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Are you ready for a white iPod Touch?

White iPod Touch

In a few weeks Apple is expected to hold a press conference about introducing the new  iPhone and  iPod touch. The focus of the rumor is on the next iPhone revision, and there’s a little information about the next-generation iPod touch. There is a widespread rumor that Apple is releasing its new Ipod touch in white. But with the new release there is nothing much changed except its color. The specs will be very similar with the existing one. So, is that all the changes we will be expecting?

The new iPod  touch will have an additional oleophobic coating on the display same with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The purpose of this coating is to repel oil and to leave the device free from any fingerprints or at least lessen it. A revised ambient light is also expected for better visibility. And that is all about it. No specs upgraded.

The rumor started when some white parts for the iPod touch reached the market last July. This roused ideas that Apple will be distributing a white version of the iPod. It is evident that these white iPod touch screens could be easily installed to fourth generation iPod touches that are still on the market.

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