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Steve jobs is dead!

Steve JobsSteven Paul Jobs (February 24,  1955 – October 5, 2011) 56 year-old, co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc., died today because of pancreatic cancer.  He left his wife, four children, and two sisters. He passed away a day after the introduction of iPhone 4s.

Steve jobs has contributed a lot to our technology and made our world a better place. It’s so sad to think that he is already gone. And this is a great loss in the technology community. Admit it that he was an icon who changed the way we interact with technology even if you love him or hate him.

This is a sad day especially that I just bought an Apple product and I’m already loving it. I was surfing the Internet and I’m shocked with this news. My first Apple product will be really memorable for me and will always remind me the death of Steve Jobs.

Rest in Peace Steven Paul Jobs. You will never be forgotten. Apple has dedicated a page for Steve jobs that seems to be an epitome.

So what are the things that you will never forget about Steve Jobs?