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iPhone 5 out! iPhone 4s in!

iPhone 4s

Apple has recently announced the next iPhone and a lot of apple users or fans are very disappointed. Most of us were expecting for the introduction of two iPhones, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. Now we can say that rumors are not that accurate. Is it worth upgrading your current smartphone? So what are the things to be considered upgrading to iPhone 4s?

Big “NO” for the design

The design of the new iPhone 4s is still the same with iPhone 4. I think you’ve heard a lot of rumors about the design that it will be slimmer, rounded, and wider screen. Will it be worth to upgrade for the design? Of course the answer is NO.

Upgrades with Hardware

As we all know that there’s nothing new with the design but let’s take a look with the upgrades on the hardware. The dual-core A5 processor is the biggest upgrade. This processor can be found in iPad 2. This means that the processing is very fast that it could be even two times faster than the iPhone 4. The processor makes the phone run smoothly which makes the gamers very happy. The new smartphone can switch between GSM and CDMA cellular networks. Apple also announced that the new carrier for the iPhone is the Sprint. This carrier is very attractive because of its unlimited data plan and this would make the heavy data users happy. It is worth upgrading for hardware because it is much faster than the previous device.

Upgrades with Camera

The new camera of iPhone 4s is a great upgrade. The good things about the camera:

  • 8 mp camera sensor
  • 3264 x 2448 maximum resolution
  • f/2.4 aperture lets more light in for low-light shooting conditions
  • High performance in very bright and very dark conditions (Backside illuminated CMOS)
  • Zero shutter lag lets you snap images in quick succession
  • Hybrid IR filter allows better color accuracy, more color uniformity.
  • Refined LED flash
  • 5 element lens assembly that’s 30% sharper
  • Improved multi-face detection
  • Camera app accessible from the lock screen for fast shooting
  • 1080p video recording

It is worth upgrading for the camera if you want to see a better image.
The NFC(Near Field Communication) and 4G are missing

You can’t find NFC on this device. This hardware is included in the widespread rumor but didn’t found anything on its introduction. This technology enables you to make payments by just waving your phone to a sensor pay. Another thing that you cannot find in this mobile is 4G.


Apple has integrated Siri on this device. Siri is a voice command and dictation app. This app is also similar with Android. This Siri can talk back after verbal commands. It talks back the information that you need. It’s like an assistant on your phone. Here are the tasks that Siri can do:

  • Set reminde
  • Set your alarm
  • Send a text
  • Check Weather
  • Set a meeting
  • Send an Email
  • Look up directions
  • Find a phone number
  • Conduct Web search

The iOS 5

The new device will run the newest operating system of Apple, the iOS 5. This iOS 5 will be released on October 12. And the features of this new operating system are: Drop-down notification menu instead of pop-up alerts Improved Safari Browser Location-triggered reminders iCloud – this is also the new media syncing of Apple “PC free” wireless updates that you don’t have to plug your device into a computer Newsstand iMessage – an application for messaging with other iOS 5 users.

Release date and prices

Apple will start taking pre-orders on October 7th, and will ship on October 14th. Prices will start from $199 for 16GB model with a contract, 299$ for 32GB model and $399 for 64GB model. This will be available in black and white.

If you ask me, I’ll buy it. I think the the upgrade specs are totally worth it. But I am really disappointed with the design.

So are you buying iPhone 4s?